Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lonliest summer

This has been the longest summer of my life. I wasn't even this lonely when I was single! It has been a little awkward every Sunday finding myself sitting on the bench by myself in our family ward full of young married couples, but luckily we have made some good friends in the ward who don’t mind me sitting next to them without my other half. We have both been working a lot so we don’t have a lot of time to think about how much it sucks being apart. When I got home to Utah after spending three cherished weeks with Spencer in Kansas, (yes, I know it is weird to think that any time spent in Kansas could be cherished) I had to immediately start my internship at a Chiropractic clinic. Unfortunately this internship is not a paid internship so I also had to take up a job as a server at Brick Oven Pizza. I graduated from Stevens-Henager College in the middle of June, and just as I finished my internship hours a full time job fell right into my lap as the office manager at the chiropractic clinic. Wheew – lucky break for me. Since then it has been nice getting paid for my work, but it hasn’t been easy juggling a full time and a part time job. Having to work so much has made it so I have to be around a lot of people, which has been a good thing. I have made a lot of friends and we have had a lot of good times. So, I haven’t exactly been alone, but being without Spencer has still made it a very lonely summer.


The Graves Family said...

Becky....I miss you, sounds like you've had a pretty busy crazy summer but it's going to pay off.

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

congrats on the job though!!!! That is awesome