Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Welcome!

So as many of you probably already knew, we are finally back in the good old USA. It was great to get back home to family, friends, Walmart, free refills, normal food, and a decent bed. It wasn't long however that we realized that things were not all happy go lucky back in the land of promise. As soon as we arrived back home our hot water wasn't working (by not working I don't mean it wasn't hot, there simply wasn't any water at all when switched to hot). We didn't have a frozen pipe - we weren't that blessed; it turned out that our hot water heater died after a long twenty years. So we replaced our water heater and then went out of town to relax and enjoy the holidays.

We then returned home once again and found that our furnace had contracted the same ailment as the water heater and had also died. We therefore replaced the furnace and then immediately paid tuition on top of it. I almost feel like a broken slot machine just paying jackpots to everyone willing to pull the handle.

But in all reality, we enjoy being home so much that the cost is worth it...I think. Its good to be back.

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