Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now that spring is here we have had to find things to keep us entertained and hopefully keep us in shape. Anyone that really knows us knows that if we could we would stay in bed for days and do nothing but watch TV and eat oreos... so since the sun has been around more often to brighten our spirits, I have taken up yoga and Spencer has taken up golf with some of his friends from work. Although, anyone who has tried yoga knows who is getting a better work out. Annie is still doing great. She's a little bigger than she was five months ago but still manages to get into places she shouldn't be. Yesterday she ate Spencer's headset to his XBox and she loves to dig up the flower beds at mom and dad's house. Is this what kids will be like? Well, we still love her and she gets away with it because she knows she's so cute!


Thomas and Jennifer said...

Those sound like fun activities. We are excited about the warmer weather and look forward to summer.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love yoga! I did yoga with my mom every week before Hunter, but now he takes up lots of my time.