Friday, June 13, 2008

Kansas to Iowa

Well, it has been a while since I wrote anything on this so I figured I should post something for all my fans out there. I have officially left Kansas-hopefully for good-and I now find myself in Iowa. Now before you start thinking that I simply went from one corn field to another I will point out a few facts as to why Iowa is superior to Kansas.
FACT- tornadoes in Iowa will only kill you whereas a tornado in Kansas will hurl you over the rainbow and into the land of Oz where you are forced to sing a song about everything you do...I'm going to write a blog now this wonderful blog about me
FACT- Iowa has about twice as many people as Kansas, therefore I have to use both hands and toes to count them all
FACT- Iowa is home to the world's largest truck stop

FACT- Kansas is home of the world's largest statue of Johnny Kaw, don't know who he is? don't worry, no one else does either.
FACT- John Wayne is from Iowa...and he could beat up Dorthy
FACT- Iowa is home to the largest Amish community this side of the Mississippi except for the entire state of Kansas
FACT- Kansas' state song is 'Home on the Range'...not kidding
FACT- In Kansas it is still illegal to eat vanilla ice cream on cherry pie
FACT- people in Kansas don't even like Kansas. ie- I was in Kansas and I didn't like Kansas
FACT- the Oregon trail went through Kansas and the Mormon Pioneer trail went through Iowa
FACT- both states consist of mostly nothing and since Kansas is almost twice as large as Iowa it therefore has twice as much nothing.
I hope that I have been able to fully help you understand how much Kansas is not fun, and although I do not claim that Iowa is fun it is a fact that it is more fun that Kansas.

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Robbie and Shay said...

Holy Spencer and Becky!! How are you guys? I found your blog through another and was so excited to see my long lost 21st Branch friends!!